Maxime Perrolle – Woodturner

Île-de-France – 1990


Maxime Perrolle discovered wood when he was young and he rapidly understood that he would choose a trade dedicated to this material. He has obtained a CAP in cabinet making in Moirans in Jura (France), at Lycée Professionnel des arts du bois. After 3 years of professional experience, he has learnt the turning technique at Escoulen school (2016).


First, he has worked in the workshop Lavoir (Ivry, France) and then in the shared workshop Soft Ivry. The atmosphere has fascinated him because of its creative emulation.  He has started his trade by creating utilitarian objects and, little by little, he has focused on a personal and a more contemporary creation of unique turned or sculpted objects. Today he exhibits in shows such as Révélations (2022) or in galleries, and he makes a living with his trade. He is currently in residency at JAD – Jardin des Métiers d’Art de Sèvres, where he shares a 100m2 workshop.


2019 – Young Art Creation Prize, Ateliers d’Art de France.

2018 – Winner of the Banque Populaire Foundation; Winner of the Young Talents Prize, Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de la Création.


Research and innovation

Maxime Perrolle combines traditional techniques and contemporary creation. His work begins with the selection of French oak he will use to create. Then he comes to sculpt the raw material, sometimes even working it with the traditional turning technique. His work is based on the effects of texture and light, on the work of curves, the search for colors through fire or natural pigments. He is inspired by nature and lets the wood live behind a very mastered work.


Will to transmit

Maxime Perrolle gave classes to an amateur audience between 2017 and 2018 at the Teck Shop in Ivry, then at the Soft in Ivry. Today, he plans to take on an apprentice on a long-term basis in his workshop at JAD. He wishes to ensure the future of crafts, of handmade, and especially, of the essential field apprenticeship.


Maxime Perrolle has approached Fondation Rémy Cointreau in order to pursue his transmission missions and his desire to create large-scale creations. The support has helped him to acquire a band saw, which is efficient, precise and conforms with safety standards.

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