Whether it’s in the context of instrument-making, design, cabinetmaking, architecture or furnishing activities, these artisans all share the love and respect of a living material: wood and rare wood species.

Their respective approach to tools and movements, materials and techniques (evolution of the use of wood in history and contemporary applications in the manufacturing, design, trade and construction of wood), is based on these respective principles: the wood that one cuts and ties, the wood that one saws, that one breaks, or the wood that we taste (spices and wine), including the perspectives of contemporary artisans on this material.

The savoir-faire of artisans like Sandrine, bow maker of Pernambuco wood, François, ornamental sculptor of ebony, mahogany or hazelnut wood, or artisans to come, have a mission to see their unique skills come to fruition by their strong synergy, associated with major challenges that place wood and the forest at the heart of modern issues, for both the preservation of this natural resource and to show the renewed diversity of their scope of application.

Concerned with the supply of primary materials, as certain ones—notably, Pernambuco wood—are under strict regulations, artisans face difficulties and significantly engage in conserving a sustainable and sensible usage of precious kinds of wood.