William Amor is our artisan of the Month!

William Amor is a polyvalent artist fully involved in fine crafts. His artistic approach is revealed through his creations made with the gestures of the floral designer and the jeweller. All his works express a great sensitivity and a respectful approach of the environment that surrounds him. Through his art, he wishes to break judgments.

The trade

Called forsaken materials ennobler, William Amor magnifies the plastic material, whether rigid or fibrous, until it becomes a work of art. Fascinated by the nature, his entire creative universe is built around the creation of all kinds of flowers. He reinvents the know-how of the floral designer and brings a touch of contemporaneity with the plastic, his main material of creation.

With this material and a great poetry, he raises awareness for the respect of our life environment. The daily waste constitute his principal material of creation. They represent for him a treasure while it is so much common for others. He transforms them into precious flowers.

The technique

William Amor is self-taught. With a lot of art experimentation, he has created his own techniques and has pushed the limits of the plastic by cutting it, softening it with heat, sculpting it, placing it into a composition, a landscape. Each step of creation is a real journey because each plastic is treated differently by the craftsman.

His techniques are as varied as there are types of plastic. But pleating on plastic bags remains his favourite. This one is similar to his path as a craftsman. It was there at the beginning and its mastery required patience. Today, with this technique he realizes flower petals whose result is close to reality and whose texture is, as he says, “sometimes more sensual than the silk used for some artificial flowers”.

The handover

For William Amor, the transmission is the essence of the art crafts and their durability. It is the way to make one’s know-how exist over time. He likes to guide his trainees, whom he welcomes every year, notably through the BDMMA’s “Savoir-faire en transmission” awards.

Moreover, transmission does not only mean guiding an apprentice. It also means inclusion and he is keen to invite disabled people into his creative world and into his productions.

William Amor found in Fondation Rémy Cointreau more than just a help in acquiring tools. He found a way to develop his creativity and push his art further. Being a laureate of the Foundation is being part of a community of craftsmen facing the same issues and all committed to the defense and the enhancement of the sector.

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