William Amor – Forsaken materials ennobler

Île-de-France 1980


William Amor is an artist and a self-taught creator of “messenger” artworks and floral ornaments. He is animated by engagement, beauty of life and poetry, and conceives floral creations. His objective is about transforming depreciated contemporary materials into noble objects.


During his career, he has specialised his savoir-faire in the valorization of depreciated materials (loss, wate, etc.). He will to convey messages and to provoke the public through his art. His style was showcased during COP21 in 2015. It is based on the tranformation of plastic waste into floral pieces of art. This same year, he created his workshop, Les Créations Messagères, and was a resident at Ateliers de Paris in 2017. This workshop is based on social and solidarity economy values.


William Amor works with luxury brands such as Kenzo, Guerlain, Lesage, etc. Moreover, his works were exhibited into public institutions. Among these places, there were Revelations in Paris (2019), Musée des Arts Décoratifs, and also Rossana Orlandi Gallery.


2019 – “Prix de la Création des Ateliers de Paris”, category « Fine Craft (Emergent Talent) » ; laureate of Fondation Banque Populaire ; Fondation EY has also supported him with the creation of his workshop. 

2018 – Label Fabriqué Paris.


Research and innovation

His savoir-faire is definitely a new artcraft. In fact, his approach and his committed work illustrate the wish to take the current trend of upcycling further by considering waste as a raw material for creation. He treat his material as noble ones of Luxury sector.


After years of researches and experimentations, William Amor imagines his own technical process. It consists in texturing, coloring, pleating and sculpting, plastic bags or bottles. He shapes his ornamental creations and sculptures with meticulousness using different tools and techniques that he diverts from their first uses. He thus remakes the artcraft of floral ornaments and creates the savoir-faire of the forsaken materials ennobler.


Will to transmit

William Amor adds to his artistic approach a social dimension. Since January 2018, the artist has surrounded himself for his productions with disabled people. This project is called “The Little Golden Hands”. He has collaborated with associations as ESAT (Establishment and Service for Help through Work) and « Les Ateliers du Moulin » of the Sillery Franco-British Foundation, to whom he has transmited his gestures.


He also welcomed last year Jenna Broult, laureate of the Prix Savoir-faire en transmission 2021, of Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d’Art.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported William Amor in the acquisition of a set of steel dies and cutters, as well as 19th Century floral ornaments tools from a Lyon craftsman. This help allows William Amor to facilitate the transmission of his gestures, to develop other refinement techniques and also to perpetuate the historical memory of these ancient tools of floral ornaments, a rare artcraft.

Eve George – Glass blower


Pierre SALAGNAC – Art bronzer