Mona Oren is our artisan of the month!

In this fifth episode, we take you into the world of wax to meet Mona Oren.

Wax is her « first love », her favorite material for more than twenty years.

Since 2020, she is been working at her studio in Paris. She produces three-dimensional pieces, which then are subject to a situation scenario: spatialization, transcription, photographic or video series.

Her craft occurs when the wax is between liquid and dry. In a short time, the material is stiffening immediately. Her specialty is to make thin wax leaves of 1 to 2 mm to obtain delicacy. Over the months, her delicate wax tulip began to take shape. She continued to improve the quality of the material; allowing for the flexibility of its stem and petals to become unbreakable. White, black, and speckled each flower can be manipulated in many ways.

The Fondation Rémy Cointreau supports Mona in order to acquire a stock of raw materials and provides her workshop with the necessary equipment.



For more information on Mona Oren, click here.

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