William Amor x Beaugrenelle

William Amor is an engaged artist. His work is closed to the craftsmanship and fine crafts. In fact, he uses a particular material and masters all the transformation steps to make this material a piece of art. All his creations are unique or limited series products. They are the result of a complex know-how that could be forsaken materials ennobler. The know-how of the floral parurier could also be his. In fact, all his works are based on the realisation of flowers he assembles for different projects in the luxury field. Beaugrenelle, the mall of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, has asked him for the realisation of a hanging artwork called “Les Bouteilles à la Mer – Jardin Poétique”. This monumental artpiece is visible from the 7th of April to le 30th of June 2022.

William Amor, an engaged professional

All the universe of William Amor is based on one source of inspiration, Nature. He finds in it a lyrical atmosphere he can transcribe in each piece with delicacy. The Nature inspires him with its beauty, all the story it has, and paradoxally with the pollution curse. This last inspiration becomes a supply of provision.

The wastes overwhelm and William Amor wants to give them another life. He brings them further and transforms them into what they destroy: a luxurious flower. Each creation becomes a message, a harbinger creation.

Les Bouteilles à la Mer – Jardin Poétique

Ce mall Beaugrenelle choose William Amor because of this environmental engagement. In order to remind the public about the respect of our planet we live in, he created a monumental artwork: 13 meters high and 7 meters of diameters. This work is made of 10.000 plastic bottles collected and it represents a waterfall of vines ornated of flowers. “Les Bouteilles à la Mer – Jardin Poétique » symbolizes a dualism: the impact of the Human being on Nature and the collect of wates to clear the environment.

This project is meaningful and goes beyond with the creation of a tree of message, “Arbre à Messages”. The people who collected the wastes put in their bottle a message of hope with regard to our planet. Those words will live through this tree of 2,70 meters high. It will be exposed then sold at auctions the 23rd of May 2022, at 6 p.m. The bid will be given to the association Les Bonnes Fées.

Congratulation to him and this ambitious and symbolic project!

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