Mathilde Jonquière is our artisan of the month !

Mathilde Jonquière is a mosaicist. In her Parisian workshop, she assembles small pieces of all types of rocks. In order to practice her trade, she uses much more than the basic materials of her specialty. She creates mosaics on different supports with dreamy and poetic representations and colored and delicate compositions, always with a touch a modernity. Mathilde Jonquière is passionate and aware of her cultural and artistic heritage.

The trade

At first, Mathilde Jonquière was an interior designer. But this trade created a distance between her and the technique and the drawing. So, she needed to get close to the substance. Mosaic was evidence, a vocation with the delicacy of the drawing and the sturdiness of the rock. Molten glass, golden rocks, stoneware, but also marble and cement, have given her an infinite liberty of creation. The colour has been by her side since then. With elegance, she has brought her know-how and her creations beyond traditional mosaic.

The technique

Each craftsman realises the technique of a trade with his personality. Those techniques keep the knwo-how alive.

The body is the fundamental tool of Mathilde Jonquière. The mosaicist needs it entirely to get close to the substance. She manipulates it, cuts it, gives her the appropriate form for the composition: “the movement will have an impact on the mosaic. It is a corporal and a choreographic trade”. The senses intervene in the processes of creation: the touching, the sight but also the listening. In fact, Mathilde Jonquière recognizes by the sound if a tessera is well cut up.

The handover

The handover is an assembling of expertise survived through time, such as an infinite mosaic where each tessera is a piece of knowledge. Mathilde Jonquière spreads this mosaic with her colleague and her apprentice.

Mathilde Jonquière has wished to bring a new inspiration to her creations by the choice of materials. So, she has had the project to put in her compositions hardstones as agates. The Fondation Rémy Cointreau has helped her to attend a class with a stone cutter and to buy the material she has needed.

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