“Avenir Métiers d’Art” Prize – 2022 edition

On April, 7th, 2023, Fondation Rémy Cointreau attended the reward ceremony of the French “Prix Avenir Métier d’Art” organized by Institut National des Métiers d’Art (INMA) at the French Ministry of Education in Paris.

It took place in the presence of the Minister Carole Grandjean, in charge of National Education and Training, and the President of INMA, Luc Lesénécal.

Fondation Rémy Cointreau has been supporting this prize for two years in order to contribute to the encouragement of the mastery of fine crafts and their transmission.

Caroline Martin-Rilhac, General Delegate of the Foundation, was a member of the jury again this year.

The prize

Since 2002, INMA has organized every year the French “Prix Avenir Métiers d’Art”. The objective is about rewarding young craftswomen and craftsmen, and to encourage their professional approach and engagement. It is a key to highlight their master of their know-how, their reflexion using a particular material and also their art universe to end up with an artpiece.

Ten national laureates have been rewarded this year. Caroline Martin-Rilhac was happy to personally award Marianne Blengino, specialized in art jewellery in Ecole Boulle, for her Olfaction piece. This creation is a jewellery apple fragrance which aimed is the rehabilitation of the sense of smell.

The 2023 Edition

It is already possible to apply for the 2023 edition of the French “Prix Avenir Métiers d’Art”. All people in France, under the age of 26 years old and currently attending a fine craft training are eligible candidates. Derogations can be made.

The end of the appliance is on June, 15th, 2023. You have until this day to return your applicant folder to your headteacher. It will be then hand over the education office and INMA. The regional prizes ceremony will take place from June to October 2023, and the national ceremony prizes will take place on December 2023.

Visit the INMA’s website to learn more about it.

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