The documentary of Ateliers des Maîtres d’Art et leurs Élèves

The association of Les Ateliers des Maîtres d’Art et leurs Élèves (AMAE)

Created in 2002, the association of Les Ateliers des Maîtres d’Art et leurs Élèves (AMAE), in English, the Workshops of Art Masters and their Students, is working within the same approach than the french official title of Art Masters and Students. It has the objective to guarantee the transmission and the durability of exceptional know-how.

It works with different actors of their sector such as institutions and associations, in order to promote the excellence and the creativity of Masters of Art and their students. Accordingly, AMAE helps them to develop their workshop, to organise and to participate to Fairs and exhibitions in order to put them in highlight.

Furthermore, since 2009, a solidarity found has been created to give craftsmen in need a hand.

Finally, the association is particularly invested in its sector because it participates to committees of reflexion about the future of fine crafts, and also because it works in collaboration with French Ministries such as the Ministry of the Culture.

Fondation Rémy Cointreau supports AMAE in its program of development of Art Masters and their students profession.

The documentary of AMAE

In its program of valorisation of exceptional know-how, the association has launched a documentary of six episodes, called “De la matière à l’oeuvre: Maîtres d’Art à Élèves”, in English, “From the material to the art piece : Art Masters to Students”. This show guides the spectator to the aesthetic and the sensory universe of a know-how, but also guides him deep into the realisation of a craftsman’ savoir-faire.

The first episode is dedicated to Valérie Colas des Francs, specialised in straw marquetry. She received a training from the Art Master Lison de Caunes. She opened her workshop in 2014 in Nemours in France. You will see in this episode her connection with straw, and the way she works to create art pieces with this material.


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