This material is an ancestral know-how that has moved with the time. It has been used by a lot of craftsmen such as the silversmith, the coppersmith, the blacksmith, the cutler, the gunsmith, the farrier, the tinsmith, etc. All these craftsmen have been using different types of metal made of diverse alloys such as gold, silver, copper, brass or tin.

These professionals have a deep respect for this resistant but malleable material. They work with it in different ways with heated and cold techniques. The heated technique made the metal soft so the craftsman can create the shape of the artpiece. The hammer is used with the cold technique to tool the metal for instance. Then, there is the finition part which has to be exceptional.

The period of realisation is important in this speciality. Respecting it is an engagement of quality. The hand movement is also important. Apprentices can learn their know-how at school but the workshop is the best place to learn a savoir-faire. The observation is the best skill of a craftsman, such as patience and diligence.

The craftsmen associated to the savoir-faire

Fondation Rémy Cointreau supports several craftsmen workink with the metal. All are using it but differently. Wilfrid Jolly is a coppersmith and a designer. With precious metal, he creates ornemental pieces for private and public places. Pascal Renoux is a cutler  and creates luxury knives. He pounds the blade and sharpers the steel. He also masters other know-how (wood, jewelry) to create the handle of knives.

Pierre Salagnac is an art bronzer. His know-how consists in the creation and the restoration of all pieces made of bronze. This material is an alloy of copper and tin. The particularity of Pierre Salagnac is to sculpt directly in the block of bronze. Joël Guillaume is a blacksmith. He creates decorative elements such as guardrail or metal gates. He works the metal with the hammer.

Finally, Ulysse Lacoste is a sculptor on metal. He works differently because he curves and welds his material to create an artwork.