Sylvie Deschamps – Art Master, golden embroiderer

Nouvelle-Aquitaine – 1971


Sylvie Deschamps is an embroiderer. She earned her diploma specialized in embroidery in 1989 at Lycée professionnel Gilles Jamain, in Charente-Martitime (France). After her studies, she worked at Etablissements Bouvard et Duviard in France specialized in old and religious embroidery restoration. She had been staying there for 6 years and then, has become the new director of Le Begonia d’Or workshop in Rochefort (France). Today, she is the only Art Master in golden embroidery.


Le Bégonia d’Or was created in 1995 by Marie-Hélène César and the city hall of Rochefort. This workshop execites orders from haute couture sector to resore old pieces. It also realises heraldic, liturgic and military embroidery.


Among the years, the workshop has got a great reputation. In fact, a lot of prestige brands are clients of Begonia d’Or.  Furthermore, multiple collaborations exist between this workshop and jewellers, antique dealers, interior designers or contemporary artists such as Jean-Michel Othoniel, Valérie Belin, Martine Aballéa, Philippe Stark or Philippe Cramer.


2011 – Sylvie Deschamps received the title of Embroiderer Art Master.

2010 –  she was designated Ordre National du Mérite.


Research and innovation

Sylvie Deschamps always researches the creation of new projects with an innovative and a contemporary approach and with an attachment to the traditional techniques. She realizes projects inspired by the universe of André Charles Boulle and revisits the art of miniature, the pointillism and the expressionism for collaborations with Piaget.


The “canetille” is her specialty. This technique consisted in winding a gold or silver spangle to create a spring.


Will to transmit

Since the opening of the workshop, interns and career change people are welcomed each year. This training is recognized by the luxury brands and takes place in French and English by Thierry Tarrade or Marlène Rouhaud.


Finally, the workshop is an ecomuseum and welcomes visitors to make this art well-known.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau is pleased to support Sylvie Deschamps in the acquisition of an embroidery machine.

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