Stéphanie Lacoste – Weaver

Île-de-France – 1980


Stéphanie Lacoste is a textile designer and masters the know-how of weaving. During her studies in applied arts, a passion has grown for the surface and the material. It encouraged her to study at Duperré in DMA Textile first, then in BTS Fashion Design and finally in DSAA Fashion and Environment. She developed a plastic style around what she calls the “sensitive zone”. It translates emotions and the evolution of sensations often created by the effects of light and shadow.


In 2009, she created her workshop Curiosité Textile. Ever since, she has worked on pieces for architects, decorators, and designers such as Olivier Rousteing and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Her samples have been selected to become haute couture garments or custom-made decorative objects (partitions, lighting, blinds, etc.).


2021 : Lauréate of Fondation Banque Populaire.


Research and innovation

As drawing is not her means of expression, each shape that Stéphanie Lacoste creates is born from the manipulation of the material often associated with a raw material. Every sample is inspired by a place, an atmosphere, or a texture she has already seen before. She weaves with vegetable and animal fibers (silk, wool, linen, hemp, etc.) to which she associates rye straw, wood, stone leaves, or metal. Between innovation and tradition, her weavings become a reflective and flexible material.


The craftswoman has an environmental commitment. In fact, she is attached to the origin of her materials as well as their composition. Therefore, she dyes her own fibers with natural elements, and works with specialized craftsmen as a farmer for the straw, a marker for the wood and a factory for the stone sheets.


Will to transmit

The transmission of a know-how is very important for Stéphanie Lacoste. Indeed, her workshop is articulated around two transmission activities. The creation workshop where she welcomes trainees. And the Workshop of Weaving at La Source school (France) she has created, and she has been holding ever since.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Stéphanie Lacoste in the development of her large-scale projects through the acquisition of a warping equipment and a storage table. This support also has a transmission objective through the acquisition of a 16-shaft loom in order to work with trainees at the same time.

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