Sophie Théodose – Contemporary illumination

Île-de-France – 1966


Sophie Théodose is an illuminator. She has devoted her career to design model-making and styling in Haute Couture. In 2005, she decided to switch to illumination and trained with Benoît Cazelles Cazelles. After this apprenticeship, she opened her own workshop in 2013, where she has been illuminating with patience, meticulousness and passion, blending gold, silver and bright pigments on parchment, stucco and papier-mache. These illuminations become objets d’art, vases or decorative panels of all sizes for vases or decorative panels of all sizes for private customers interior architects and designers.


Research and innovation

Sophie Théodose is developing the concept of nomadic illumination, working on supports quite different from manuscripts. She creates art objects in a variety of materials, including parchment, stucco and papier-mache. Her reference medium remains parchment, the skins of which come from animals from the food chain.



Sophie Théodose passes on her know-how by teaching in schools and welcomes trainees and apprentices to her workshop every year. By taking part in exhibitions and trade fairs, she contributes to make her craft well-known in France and abroad.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Sophie Théodose in 2022 with the purchase of parchment and a bespoke rack table.

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