Pierre SALAGNAC – Art bronzer



Pierre Salagnac is an art bronzer, a sculptor and an illustrator.


He joins Ecole Boulle at 15 years old, and he is graduated in 1998. After being trained with Hervé van der Straeten and an art bronze fitter, Laurent Chenet, Pierre learns the three specific savoir-faire making up this age-old craft: the bronze structure, turning and chiselling.


He came back to Ecole Boulle to teach bronze art. He created his studio in 2019, after having been project manager in the Maison Charles studio. One year before, he became co‐driver of The Craft Project association to allow visibility of arts and crafts and to connect craftsman around France. He supports Métiers Rares studio, founded by Raphaëlle le Baud, with a lot of missions: sourcing, design, 3D conception, prototyping and training.


Bronze bonsaïs have become Pierre Salagnac’s speciality. The craft man is involved in projects with Métier Rares for Luxury houses like Ruinard, Chaumet or Cartier and he carves design furniture for various orders. Drawing is an essential part of his craft and of his creation process. His way of working is particular: he does not use moulds but directly cuts into brass blocks. His bronze bonzaïs embody the craftsman virtuosity and are a mix of traditional and new techniques. He has a singular and a creative approach to light.


Will to transmit

Teaching very early allowed Pierre Salagnac to develop a passion for transmission. After becoming a master, more than teaching at Ecole Boulle, he showed the way by helping young people of the Maison Charles studio day after day, providing them technique and confidence.


The Fondation Rémy Cointreau helps Pierre Salagnac in the acquisition of equipment in order to perpetuate his art bronzer activity and to train young people in his new studio

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