Mathilde Jonquière – Mosaicist

Île-de-France –  1967


After her studies at Académie Charpentier in 1987, Mathilde Jonquière earned an interior design diploma at Ecole Camondo in Paris, in 1992. She kept learning about interior design at JB CREMNITZER agency until 1997. This same year, she discovered her vocation on a work site: the mosaic. This discover was love at first sight.


Drove by her passion, Mathilde Jonquière opened her workshop in 2000 in Paris. Since the beginning of her professional career she has been taking part of various projects with architects, interior designers, and designers. She also has been working for luxury brands such as Cartier. Under the influence of Art Deco’s and Art Nouveau’s patterns, but also under the inspiration of sculptures, paintings, danse and street arts, she focuses her works on abstract representations.


Research and innovation

Mathilde Jonquière draws and creates unique and large-scale frescos composed of precious materials. Among them, there are marble, Venice enamels, molten glasses, or golden rocks. She proposes made-to-measure realisations with artistic techniques and sensibility, far from the traditional mosaic utilities (decoration, ornamentation, etc.), to explore new territory of creation.


She is living her savoir-faire with technical knowledge and artistic sensibility. That is how she brings mosaic beyond the traditional trade description. Mathilde Jonquière wishes to bring a new image on mosaic by working on the research of material and texture associations. She calls those associations “danse of the materials”.


Will to transmit

Mathilde taught her know-how to Célia Ruellan from 2015 to 2017. She also works with a permanent team of 3 people and welcomes apprentices. She participates to JEMA (Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art) and wishes to transmit her know-how in a contemporary way.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau is pleased to support Mathilde Jonquière with her new will to create. She wants to perform her techniques with the integration of new rock materials (formation & raw materials).


Sylvie Deschamps - Art Master, golden embroiderer


Valentine Huyghues Despointes - Leather craftsman