Jacques Loire – Master glassmaker

Centre-Val de Loire – 1932-2021


Jacques Loire is a Master Glassmaker specialized in stained glass and mosaics. He has inherited his skills thanks to his father Gabriel Loire, founder of Ateliers Loire in 1946, located in Chartres, the capital of stained glass.


Throughout his career, Jacques Loire has restored stained glass windows in major cathedrals, and has created pieces in collaboration with artists such as Valério Adami and Jean-Michel Othoniel. His creations illuminate numerous buildings in Chartres, France and abroad. In Gilles Blaise’s film about Ateliers Loire (2016), it is said that “the sun never sets on Loire stained glass”. In parallel with his production, he has created the Galerie du Vitrail in 1976 and was administrator of the Centre International du Vitrail.


Today, the workshop is still in operation thanks to the work of Jacques Loire’s sons, Bruno and Hervé.


2008 – EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant).


Research and innovation

Jacques Loire has developed new techniques around his know-how, notably that of Boussois slabs. In addition to his techniques and gestures, he also passed on his creative and innovative spirit to his sons. This way of working has made the workshops famous.



Jacques Loire has always wanted to pass on his know-how. He therefore trained his sons to take over the workshop and perpetuate the company. Today, Bruno and Hervé represent the third generation of Ateliers Loire. In addition to passing on this family heritage, the workshop has always been staffed by a dozen companions and employees. Until today, this large team has carried out major projects in France and abroad.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Jacques Loire in 2019 with the acquisition of a pressure sandblasting machine and its equipment, to work sandblasting on large-format glass.


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