Grégoire Scalabre – Ceramic Sculptor

Île-de-France – 1974


Grégoire Scalabre discovered ceramics in a modeling workshop at school when he was 10. At the age of 16, he joined an apprenticeship at Atelier du Sage at Dieulefit in Drôme, a France’s region. Then, he completed his education with theoretical lessons at Lycée de la Ceramique of Longchamp. Moreover, he learnt the bases of the hand movement and how questioning this approach at the workshop Agir Céramic. This was followed by an enamel chemistry training. After these studies he asserted his savoir-faire and his style, through the inspiration of architecture and design.


With the will to share his experience with ceramics, Grégoire Scalabre has had multiple projects. He started being attentive to teach his passion in prison, particularly at Bois d’Arcy (France), and then at Institut de la Céramique française. In 2002, he founded his own workshop. Then, in 2005, he created Arts and Techniques Ceramics school in Paris, with Christophe Bonnard. Since the begining of his professional career, he has tought about bringing a contemporary vision of ceramics to the art world.


In 2018, he participated in the collective exhibition “The experience of color in Sèvres,” hosted in the city of ceramics. The same year, he presented his sculptures in a new technique (marble projection on ceramics) at the NEC Gallery at the PAD and Grand Palais.


2007 – Maison & Object Show, “À la carte talents”.


Will to transmit

As a teacher for 19 years, Grégoire Scalabre has founded Arts et Techniques Ceramiques in 2005. Since then, he has trained CAP students specialized in ceramic turning.


In 2015, he and his friend Pia, ceramist, had decided to create the Ceramics Workshop in Kremlin-Bicêtre. The idea was to create a space of exchange and transmission around a contemporary vision of ceramics. Lessons for amateurs and confirmed artists were attended such as a preparation training for CAP in ceramic turning. Furthermore, the possibility of on-the-spot sales has been studied to sell the collections during events.


In 2018, he has edited the pedagogical work “Ceramics: repertoire of forms” at Eyrolles.

The Fondation Rémy Cointreau has helped Grégoire Scalabre to acquire an oven, as he has wanted to develop his researches concerning marble surface processing and mineral coating on ceramics.

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