Eve George – Glass blower

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – 1994


Eve George attended a design training at Ecole Boulle and then at ENSCI (National School of Industrial Creation), both schools located in Paris (France). Her interest in her savoir-faire grew in 2012, during an immersion at International Centre of Glass Arts in Meisenthal. Several projects resulted from this experience. One of them encouraged her to follow glassblowing lessons at European Center for Research and Training in Glass Arts (CERFAV). She took there the CAP exam, a vocational training certificate in glassmaking. Finally she completed her learning with design courses applied to art craft.


This rich university curriculum led her to create Atelier George in 2017 with her partner Laurent Fichot, a workshop acting as an incubator. Since the creation of this workshop, she has been creating collections of interior object. In fact, Eve George is fascinated by the singularity of the unique pieces. The workshop’s clients are galleries, architects and decorators, but also restaurants, hotels or luxury brands.


Occasionally, Eve George works as a freelance artistic director in product and graphic design.


2021 – Mathias Prize from Matières Libres ; Mondes Nouveaux, a public order from French Cultural Ministry ; Laureate of Académie des Savoir-faire, Hermès Foundation.

2019 – Young Talent Prize, Conseil départementale de la Côte d’Or.

2018 – Laureate of  Fine Craft Young Creation.


Research and innovation

Eve George dedicates a part of her time to research and innovation. She particularly explores design and glass techniques to create new unique pieces. This research laboratory is called “L’Atelier Expérimental“. It gathers all her artistic and design projects questionning the process of creation and the techniques history. The idea of multiples is a recurrent reflexion. These personnal researches are a source of inspiration for Eve George’s projects.


Numerical fabrication is one of her explorations. “Digital devices increase the possibilities of creation. We can create our own molds or new specific tools for glassblowing”.


Thanks to her varied studies, she understands the art craft practice outside the box as an industrial designer. The edition theme is recurrent in her researches. “The glassblowing is a technique to create unique pieces but also serial productions”.


Numerical modelisation, 3D impressions, paper molds, or recycled glass, represent subjects the craftswoman is interested in. She is also interested in the creation of new colors or varied decorated glasses. That is how Eve George creates a library of materials.


Will to transmit

Eve George will to transmit. She welcomes interns in her workshop and teaches in schools such as Ecole d’Art Appliqués de Nevers (France) ou LISAA (Paris, France). She is a regular speaker at the CERFAV in the context of the “glass designer” training course on the theme of entrepreneurship. Moreover, she teaches at the FabLab glass at the CERFAV, to teach how to use digital tools in crafts.


In addition, she had participated to a group of reflexion with EY Foundation. The study was about the promotion of her savoir-faire and the transmission of craft professions as a tool for the transformation of France’s territories. That is how the Eaux de Vies project was born.


“My vision of transmission is related to the material. I see my profession today as a creative know-how. It is important to gather the disciplines of applied arts. That is why I wish to work both with students whom the training is not just based on conception, and whom the training is not just based on fabrication”.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has enabled Eve George to acquire diamond tools for finishing (cutting, drilling, sanding, cold glass polishing), cutting wheels to equip a grinder and a saw blade.

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