Eric Leblanc – Plasterer Staffer Stuccoman

Pays de la Loire – 1965


Eric Leblanc was 14 years old when he started being a plasterer apprentice. He joined Compagnons du Devoir at 17. During this learning, he traveled across Europe, in France, Germany and Italy, particularly Venise and Florence. He was interested in various know-hows as modelling and stamp. His biggest wish is to make durable the tradition of plasterer, staffer and stuccoman, while making some research to innovate.


In 1990, Eric Leblanc became a plasterer, staffer, and stuccoman comrad. Then, in 1997, he created his workshop called Les Métiers du Plâtre. It received the French recognition Label EPV.


Eric Leblanc’s creations were exhibited several times. Some of these were organized in partnership with Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat and Pays de la Loire Métiers d’Art. He received some regional and national prizes in the heritage and historical monuments category. In 2009, he was a laureate of Liliane Bettencourt pour l’Intelligence de la main prize. Finally, in 2019, he obtained a prize of Trophées Placo, from Placo/Saint Gobin Club.


Research and innovation

Eric Leblanc is both a creator and a restorer. He creates artworks with contemporary shapes and seeks to innovate his know-how. Moreover he will to participate in various projects with various savoir-faire. Finally, he restores pieces with a great respect of the heritage they represent.


Will to transmit

Eric Leblanc hosts conferences and teaches in applied art schools in Paris (France), such as Ecole Boulle, Olivier de Serres, or Duperré. He also teaches in universities in Heritage & Sustainable Management bachelor in plasterer section in Nantes, Rennes or Lyon.


Furthermore, he is invested in the fine craft sector, and his savoir-faire in particular. In fact, he is a member of the Plasterers Association of the Maine et Loire region and opens his modelling studio during Artcrafts European Days, only odd years.


Finally, he has been training Florent for 16 years. This year, his apprentice takes shares of the business. Eric Leblanc’s objective is about transmit his know-how to a large public in order to make his savoir-faire durable.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has helped Eric Leblanc to acquire a plaster graving machine to facilitate techniques and to allow students to learn more about the craft.


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