Wilfrid Jolly – Coppersmith and designer

Languedoc-Roussillon –  1981


Wilfrid Jolly is a coppersmith. After training in applied arts, he has continued his apprenticeship with Roland Daraspe, his Master of Art, before opening his own workshop.


There, he creates bespoke artworks for individuals, architects, and interior designers. Keen to work with other craftsmen, Wilfrid Jolly seeks to develop projects in pairs or as a team, in order to bring together different skills.


Research and innovation

Wilfrid Jolly creates pieces based on biomorphic forms. His creative approach is characterized by the blending and the coloration of materials. In fact, he conducts research into the colouring of non-ferrous metals, such as cold or hot patina.



Keen to pass on his know-how, Wilfrid Jolly welcomes apprentices every year. The construction of his workshop in a renovated farm building enables him to guarantee this transmission. His curiosity has prompted him to take part in training courses in metal coloring.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Wilfrid Jolly in 2018. It has helped him acquire two devices. The first is a high-powered vacuum that enables him to breathe in less harmful dust and the second one is the latest full-TIG welding station to solder metal.

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