Pierre Salagnac – Art bronzer

Ile-de-France – 1978


Pierre Salagnac is an art bronzer, sculptor and illustrator. He joined the Ecole Boulle at the age of fifteen and was graduated in 1998. He has continued his training with Hervé van der Straeten and the master bronzemaker Laurent Chenet. During these two experiences, he has learnt the three bronzer’s specific skills: mounting, turning and chasing.


After working as a project manager at Maison Charles, he has become co-pilot of The Craft Project, an association which aim is to raise the visibility of craftsmanship. Then, he has founded his own workshop, where he has been creating ever since decorative objects and furniture for houses such as Ruinart, Chaumet and Cartier.


Research and innovation

Pierre Salagnac has developed his own creative techniques. He doesn’t use molds but cuts directly from assembled brass blocks. His bronze bonsais have become his specialty, combining traditional and contemporary techniques.



Pierre Salagnac has always been keen to pass on his expertise. From an early age, he has taught at the Ecole Boulle and has mentored young people in the Maison Charles workshop. Today, he welcomes trainees and apprentices, and passes on his know-how to his son.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Pierre Salagnac in two projects for passing on his expertise. The first, in 2020, was to help him in the acquisition of equipment to pursue his work of art bronzier. In 2023, Pierre Salagnac approached the Foundation for a second time for complementary machinery to ensure the long-term future of his workshop by passing on his know-how, gestures, and techniques to his son Louis Salagnac.


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