Joël Guillaume – Artist Blacksmith

Île-de-France – 1990


Joël Guillaume is a blacksmith. He was trained by the Compagnons du Devoir for ten years and has learnt a lot of techniques and working methods. Then, he has spent time on internships in France and abroad. In 2012, he continued his experience at Fondation de Coubertin, and in 2014, he completed his training in forging techniques and ironwork design.


In 2018, he created Atelier Guillaume. Since then, he has been working in collaboration with artists and designers to create unique objects or limited series. His skills in ironwork, metalwork and locksmithing has also lead him to carry out restoration projects with architects for historical monuments.


2007 – Best Apprentices of France.


Research and innovation

Joël Guillaume designs and manufactures furniture. His interest in contemporary art and street art encourages him to experiment and to seek out textures, patinas, and engravings for future creations. He never hesitates to surround himself with professionals from the world of fine crafts, encouraging the sharing of knowledge to combine techniques and aesthetics.


Will to transmit

Joël Guillaume is keen to pass on his know-how. In 2015, he trained apprentice metalworkers in CAP in Lille, and in 2019, he corrected the projects of Compagnons du Devoir apprentices at the Pantin center. In his workshop, he welcomes students on craft training and discovery courses.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Joël Guillaume in 2020. It has enabled him to acquire a drill press and a sledgehammer to improve his work efficiency and avoid physical fatigue.


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