Wilfrid Jolly – Coppersmith and designer

Languedoc-Roussillon –  1981


Wilfrid Jolly is a coppersmith and designer. After his studies in applied arts, he has learnt his know-how from 2003 to 2006 with his Master of Art named Laurent Daraspe. Then, he has created his first workshop in Léognan (France) where he has developed his client network. In 2017, he acquires a spacious workshop  in Grazac in France.


In this new place, Wilfrid Jolly will to create made-to-mesure pieces for private buyers and professionals. As a multidisciplinary craftsman, he seeks to develop his projects in pairs in order to share know-hows and design new artworks. His spacious workshop can make this project possible.


Wilfrid Jolly designs and realises pieces in a biomorphic repertoire. The varieties of his materials used to create, and the coloration of his creation supports, are the characteristics of his style. In fact, he leads researches into coloring non-ferrous metals (with cold or hot slides), as cold or heat patina.


Will to transmit

Wilfrid Jolly wishes to improve his skills. So, he actively researches metal-coloring trainings and seminars.


Nevertheless, his priorities were the construction of his workshop. He has had acquired an ancient wine storehouse that must have been renovated. The priority was the construction of the workshop and the lodgings.  Today, Wilfrid Jolly has well advanced in his workshops’s construction. His financial needs were linked to the organization and the air security: ventilation/mechanical suction system, etc. Because of his workshop no longer responded to the safety standarts, he put transmission on hold. But, he has sought to transmit his passion for his trade in order to make it durable. An apprentice will maybe soon join him once the workshop will be finished.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau is helping Wilfrid to acquire two devices. The first is a high-powered vacuum that enables him to breathe in less harmful dust and the second one is the latest full-TIG welding station to solder metal.

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