Ulysse Lacoste – Metal sculptor

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – 1981


In 2002, Ulysse Lacoste was graduated from ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in France. This education was both theoretical and practical. He learnt how to create monumental metal artworks, starting with a drawing. The sketch is his first step of creation, followed by the realisation of a small prototype which will become a monumental sculpture. He has created his workshop in 2004. Since then, he has been experimenting his know-how everyday to explore all possibilities it can offer.


Fascinated by mathematics, Ulysse Lacoste’s style is based on science, especially gravity and movement. As half a craftsman, half an engineer, his monumental works represent abstract pieces realised with metal. The objective of his artworks’ structure is to interact with their future exhibition environment.


Ulysse Lacoste’s creations can be exhibited or used in multiple ways. They can be a part of science museums or public spaces with the will to make art reachable and experienced by the public. Circus companies are also fond of his works used as a gym apparatuses. Finally, Ulysse Lacoste works with contemporary artists such as J.M. Othoniel, Saâdane Afif or Philippe Hiquily, and with interior designers especially in the religious decoration context.


2017 – laureate of Fondation Hermès.

2015 – laureate of Ateliers d’Art de France, Bourgogne.

2002 – lauraate at Fondation Bleustein Blanchet pour la Vocation.


Research and innovation

Ulysse Lacoste is attached to science in his methods of creation as it gives movement to each of his artworks. All of them are unique pieces with a unique geometrical structure made in order to be experimented by the public.


All his products come from recycled industries and he uses the metal endlessly. There is no material loss because he uses every piece of it in every new project.


Will to transmit

Ulysse Lacoste has just moved into a new garage in Saumur-en-Auxois in France. This place is a real project with a double objective.


The first objective is about having more space to create and to exhibit his artworks, but also to welcome apprentices. The second one is about being involved in the development of tourism in Côte d’Or. He wishes to place art in the centre of  cities.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Ulysse Lacoste in the acquisition of a handling device. It helps him manipulate his monumental artworks without broken his body.

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