Silver Sentimenti – Ceramic ennobler

Normandie – 1970


Silver Sentimenti has grown in the middle of fabrics and patterns in his family workshop in Italy. Despite him, he learnt the techniques, the materials, the methods of creation and realisation, and the commercial spirit of a craftsman. Considering this past, it was natural for him to dedicate his professional career to fine crafts.


During all his childhood he drawn and learnt about ceramics at school. He studied at Istituto Gaetano Ballardini  in Faenza, more specifically at the ceramic sculpture workshop. But, in spite of his training, he pursued his studies at Beaux-Arts of Bologna specialized in scenography. This discipline gave him the opportunity to go to France in 1997 in Haute-couture and realisation of outfits for theatres and operas.


Silver Sentimenti has been believing in Human being and his capacity to transform materials since always. That is how, in 2007, he has understood that his trade was against know-how, handicraft and time. He has felt like he had to work in a workshop and to face the ceramics. That is how he has returned to his know-how, ancestral technique that doesn’t destroy time.


He has been working in Normandy since 2018 in his workshop where he creates unique pieces or limited editions for individuals.


2022 – listed in HomoFaber Guide.


Research and innovation

When he was a modelist, fashion designer or costume designer, Silver Sentimenti had the particularity to work with volume and ennobler techniques. His realisations have a sculptural aspect. Today, he doesn’t associate sculpture to sewing, but sewing to sculpture. It is like a continuity in his research.


His works are a mix between all his experiences and are based on the master of Fire Arts he associates with other materials. He works with sandstone from Bourgogne or Noron (France), but also with porcelain from Bavaria or Limoges in France.


The shape of his pieces is creates with raw soil he pierces. Then, after the drying, he covers all his pieces with lash and metallic materials through embroidery technique. Finally, he realises a patina. All the pieces are unique, sculptural, and decorative, with pure forms and complex interlacing.


Silver Sentimenti is concerned about the origin of all leathers he uses. So, each one comes from a 1920 leather trade in Bretagne (France). The leather is tanned in France.


Will to transmit

Silver Sentimenti has the will to transmit his know-how. So, from 2008 to 2018 he trained students specialized in textile, at Lycée Diderot in Lyon (France). From 2011 to 2018, he worked at IFM as a teacher. From 2005 to 2019, he led ceramics workshops. Since 2017 he has taught textile and ceramic in Sevres (France). Finally, he has been regularly participating to juries for fine crafts studies.


In 2014, after a few years in the fashion universe, he decided to go back to ceramics and to live his experience through creativity. He met Grégoire Scalabre and studied at his school ATC (Arts et Techniques Céramiques) in Paris. Since then, he has been dedicating his life to ceramics at his workshop called, Silver Sentimenti Céramique, in Normandy. Each year, he welcomes apprentices.


One of the wishes of Silver Sentimenti would be to train professionals in career change.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau is pleased to support Silver Sentimenti with the acquisition of a ceramic oven in order to make bigger pieces and to develop his production.

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