Pascal Renoux – Cutlery artisan

NEW-AQUITAINE – 48 years old


After his Beaux-arts d’Angoulême (BAC degree in graphic arts) night classes and BTS certification in interior architecture, interior architect Pascal Renoux discovered the blacksmith trade with his father-in-law, and decided to become a blacksmith.

In 1996, he created a program for artisans specialized in creating forged pieces for historic monuments and restoring medieval arms.

Half of his work is devoted to sharpening or creating cooperage tools.

Today, in addition to creating traditional knives, Pascal designs damask blades and pocket knives, demonstrating a real expertise in metal.

Pascal uses armory and jewelry techniques in his cutlery. He says that he “gleans the medulla of each work to create and improve the final result.”


Pascal is a winner of the SEMA (Société d’Encouragement aux Métiers d’Art) departmental and regional prize in 2008.

In 2019 he was awarded the title Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the most prestigious award a craftsman can receive in France.



Will to transmit

Pascal is now working with a team composed of four full-time employees and two interns.

Pascal would like to have, as practiced elsewhere, young people who continuously follow and imitate his gestures during engravings workshop or during tool classification. He wishes to pass down his art, with respect for his 17th century predecessors opposing today’s teaching and these “true movements” of today’s education.



Fondation Rémy Cointreau helped establish supplementary jobs, as well as machines, to sand down the metals.

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