Marie Grillo – Master glass maker and stained-glass creator

Ile-de-France – 1985


Marie Grillo is a master glass maker and a stained-glass creator. Since her childhood, the glass has been a source of inspiration. It has encouraged her leaving her classical danse passion to get close to fine craft. Consequently, she did an education at ENSAAMA and at Lycée Lucas Nehou, both in France. During her trainings, she has learnt the techniques for being a glass maker and a stained-glass creator and has performed her knowledge with internships. In 2015, Marie Grillo has created her own workshop, La Couleur du Verre.  Today, it is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. She creates stained glasses for interior designers, architects, artists (ex. Nathalie Camoins Chanet), and private buyers.


Marie Grillo creates her pieces of art with an infinite imagination or according to a bill of specifications. Her methodology starts with a drawing and end with the stained glasses. Her material is both fragile and resistant. She uses manufactured or patterned glass she manipulates, paints, and engraves. She has a deep respect for her material, that is why she uses it until there is no more. Her housemate, also a glassmaker, uses loss of Marie Grillo to create her own artworks. The glass is used with an infinite string of exploitation.


Research and innovation

Marie Grillo has her own style. The Art Deco and Art Nouveau movement are inspiring her, and all her creations are made of organic and geometric lines with infinite textures. She also creates her own calligraphy and patterns she puts in her masterpieces. That is how Marie Grillo is modernizing her know-how. The sandblasting technique is also used by the craftswoman. All her work is created according to three elements: colours, patterns and lights effects.


Will to transmit

Marie Grillo is attached to the transmission of her know-how. In fact, she organises conferences in Parisian workshops and churches. These educational supports are dedicated to elementary school, hobbyist and students in glass making. She also teaches at ENSAAMA in the glass workshop. She would like to welcome an apprentice in 2023.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has supported Marie Grillo in the acquisition of a device. Thanks to this device, she reaches a great precision and delicate patterns when she creates stencils.

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