Manon Bouvier – Straw marquetry

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – 1992


Manon Bouvier is specialized in straw marquetery. After her studies specialized in cabinetmaking, she earned her diploma from Ecole Boulle in Paris in 2014. She continued her training at Atelier Maonia. It is a contemporary art cabinetmaking workshop created by Marine Fouquet. But, straw marquetery seduced her so she finally decided to dedicated her professional career to this unique savoir-faire.


In 2016, Manon Bouvier created her own workshop called Atelier Paelis. It is located in Lyon (France). Today, she works there for different luxury field clients such as interior designers, designers, creators, etc. Her artworks are sent in France and abroad.


2019 – Manon Bouvier received the French craftsman of the year title in the category of straw marquetery. She is also a laureate of Fondation Banque Populaire.


Research and innovation

Her straw supplier is located in Bourgogne in France. She gets there her material already colored. Then, she works it at her workshop with precision and meticulousness. She realises funriture, mural panels, or objects, with her own handsn inspired by other craftsmanship. Her tools are simple but essential. There are the wood chisel, the cutter, etc.

Manon Bouvier is working with a creative approach but also with research and development. In fact, she is attached to conceive new patterns with modern colors while experimenting new functions for the straw. Moreover, she offers a new dimension for the discipline by proposing unseen realisations as a screen in a rye straw and bamboo.


Will to transmit

Manon Bouvier has hired Pauline as the project manager of the workshop. She teaches two workers, Lucille and Jules. She has been contacted to be the tutor of blind people in Clermont Ferrand (France), in order to explain her artistic profession through straw marquetery.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has helped Manon Bouvier with the acquisition of tools and furniture for her workshop.

Eric Leblanc – Plasterer Staffer Stuccoman


Annie Bocel - Print & typographic punches