Joël Guillaume – Artist Blacksmith

PARIS – 30 years old


Compagnon du Devoir


Ten years of training with the Compagnons du Devoir, a French guild for skilled craftsmen and artisans, as an artist blacksmith: Joël Guillaume has worked for about ten companies throughout France and the world, learning a wide variety of techniques and working methods.


A blacksmith is an artisan who works with different metals, primarily ferrous alloys, in hot or cold form, to create utilitarian or decorative objects, furniture or forged works of larger sizes. He or she produces pieces by hand, without using mass industrial processes, by combining traditional techniques and technological innovations.


A gold medallist in 2007 in the national competition of the best apprentices in France, he finished his training by obtaining a diploma in arts at the Fondation de Coubertin (2012) as well as completing training in forging techniques and metalwork design (2014).


In 2008 he established his company, Atelier Guillaume, first settled his workshop in Montreuil then relocated to a new building complex dedicated to the arts, the Cité Artisanale, in Porte de la Villette. He collaborates with architects on custom-made projects such as staircases and glass roofs, and also works with designers in order to create unique objects or batches of items, targeted at a general public who today are taking a renewed interest in the applied arts. He also works with artists to create pieces of artwork in metal: his creations can reach a wide audience of art lovers through exhibitions, promoting ornamental metalwork and the diverse possibilities offered by metal. Lastly, as a result of his skills in metalwork, ornamental metalwork and locksmithing, he has also carried out restoration projects in collaboration with chief architects of historic monuments.




Passionate about design, Joël Guillaume draws, designs and makes pieces of contemporary furniture. In 2015 he attended evening classes in ‘Object design’ and ‘Drawing techniques’ at the Parisian school Créapôle. His interest in contemporary art and street art inspires him to experiment and to constantly be on the lookout for textures, patina and engravings for future creations. He readily surrounds himself with professionals from other disciplines in order to encourage knowledge sharing, so that solutions can always be found to any technical difficulties while at the same time maintaining the aesthetic character of a piece.



Will to transmit

  • 2015-2016: trainer for the two-year vocational and adult training courses at Compagnons du Devoir.
  • 2019-2020: project examiner for the final projects of apprentices at the Pantin centre of Compagnons du Devoir.
  • Will take on apprentices from the start of the 2020 academic year at his new workshop.
  • Joël Guillaume would like to organise introductory internships in ornamental metalwork, focusing on the creation of simple pieces of furniture, supporting students from design through to manufacture. His workshop has therefore been designed with mobile work benches, so that the layout can be reorganised once the students arrive.



Fondation Rémy Cointreau could enable Joël to acquire a drop hammer in order to improve the efficiency of his work and avoid physical fatigue.




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