Joël Guillaume – Artist Blacksmith

Île-de-France – 1990


Joël Guillaume learnt his know-how with Compagnons du Devoir, a French guild for skilled craftsmen, as artist blacksmith. During this training, he worked for about 10 companies throughout France and abroad. With this learning, he acquired a wide variety of techniques and working methods. Then, he continued his training with a diploma in arts at the Fondation de Coubertin (2012). Finally, he finished his learning with a training in forging techniques and metalwork design (2014).


The blacksmith is a craftsman who works with different metals, primarily ferrous heated or cold alloys. The craftsman creates utilitarian or decorative objects, furniture or forged works of large sizes. He or she produces pieces by hand with a sense of responsability. In fact, metal is not used in a mass industrial processes but by combining traditional techniques and technological innovations.


In 2008, Joël Guillaume has established his company, Atelier Guillaume. It was first settled in Montreuil (France) and then relocated in a new building complex dedicated to arts called Cité Artisanale, in Porte de la Villette (Paris).


He collaborates with architects on custom-made projects such as staircases and glass roofs. Joël Guillaume also works with designers. The objective is to create unique objects or batches of items, targeted at a general public who today are taking a renewed interest in the applied arts. He also works with artists to create pieces of artwork in metal. His creations can reach a wide audience of art lovers through exhibitions. These ones are promoting ornamental metalwork and the large scale of possibilities offered by metal. Lastly, as a result of his skills in metalwork, ornamental metalwork and locksmithing, he has carried out restoration projects in collaboration with chief architects of historic monuments.


2007 –  concours national des Meilleurs Apprentis de France, gold medal. 


Research and innovation

Passionate about design, Joël Guillaume has drawn, designed and made pieces of contemporary furniture since the beggining of his professional career.


In 2015, he has attended evening classes in ‘Object design’ and ‘Drawing techniques’ at the Parisian school Créapôle. His interest in contemporary art and street art has been a great source of inspiration to experiment and constantly be on the lookout for textures, patina and engravings for future creations.


He has been surrounding himself with professionals from other disciplines in order to encourage knowledge sharing. For him, it always has been a way to find solutions to any technical difficulties while maintaining the aesthetic character of a piece.


Will to transmit

In 2015, Joël Guillaume has trained aprentices in Lille. From 2019 to 2020, he corrected competitive entrance examinations for Compagnons du Devoir.


Transmission is a part of his know-how, mostly because of his training. He will welcome trainees in 2022 and will organise initiations to his savoir-faire for the public.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau has helped Joël acquire a column drill and a drop hammer in order to improve the efficiency of his work and avoid physical fatigue.


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