Bruno de Maistre – Furniture architect

Île-de-France – 1979

Bruno de Maistre is a furniture architect specialized in wood. His passion for craftsmanship lies in his interest for the material, his search for creativity, and his relationship with the client. He also has a mastery of gestures and tools as well as a knowledge of the history of old and contemporary furniture.


In 1999, he began his university studies in applied arts at the Penninghen school (Paris) and continued his studies at the Intuit/Lab between 2003 and 2005. Until 2008, he worked in an advertising agency, but his passion for arts and crafts was stronger and led him to join the craft industry.


After a training at the Greta de l’Ecole Boulle (2009-2011), he founded BdM Ateliers in 2011, specialized in art cabinetmaking. With a team of 5 full-time employees, Bruno de Maistre creates exceptional furniture of historical inspiration to which he adds a note of poetry. Eager to create bridges between the specialties of craftsmanship, several collaborations are being set up, notably with Ateliers Loire (2021) and Ballantine’s (2020). His work is aimed at individuals and interior designers. In addition, 40% of his activity is focused on the creation of sacred art and the realization of liturgical furniture.


2022 – Contemporary creation, Mobilier National.
2019 – Laureate of the Ernst & Young Foundation.
2018 – Grand Prix de l’artisanat Art et Métiers, innovation category, from the Banque Populaire.
2016 – Cardinal’s Shipyard Award.
2014 – Manual Labor Award, Rotary Club.


Research and innovation

For Bruno de Maistre, ancient and contemporary art dialogue together. Clients are sources of inspiration, tools are timeless, and craftsmanship goes far beyond manual work. Synergy, sharing, technology and art echo each other and give birth to unique pieces, such as a Louis XVI style desk made with a 3D printer, or the Lyric Desk dressed in its black dress, which will enter the permanent collections of the Mobilier National in 2022.


Will to transmit

Bruno de Maistre’s ambition is to valorize arts and crafts. Thus, he reveals them on his scale through the transmission of his know-how. Indeed, BdM Ateliers, made up of 5 full-time employees, are a real focus for knowledge sharing. In addition, the workshop offers several immersions and discovery programs for companies and individuals. Finally, Bruno de Maistre’s ambition is to create an ecosystem of arts and crafts inspired by production schools. His objective: to break down the barriers between the specialties of fine crafts.


Fondation Rémy Cointreau supports Bruno de Maistre in the acquisition of a planing machine. This machine makes straight and flat the surface of a piece of wood. It will allow him to work in safety and to gain in precision and efficiency.

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