Anaïs Jarnoux – Upholsterer and Leather Artisan

PARIS37 years old


Following her graduation, Anaïs spent 14 years working at Maison Brazet. From upholstery to leather craft and soft furnishings, Anaïs honed her skills in this firm renowned for the quality of its craftsmanship, combining traditional practices with contemporary design.


In 2017, Anaïs started her own studio in order to promote her craftsmanship through contemporary projects. And so, the adventure began within the Ateliers de Paris incubator. The studio designs and carries out upholstery projects: prototyping for designers, production of a single piece or small batch of furniture, and restoration of furniture dating from the 1930s to 1980s. It also carries out textile upholstery projects involving furniture and items for interior designers, decorators, collectors and other craftspeople. Today, she approaches projects with an open and innovative mindset, always seeking to meet the brief of the project while respecting the integrity of the raw materials and techniques.

Will to transmit

In parallel, she runs a workshop in a secondary school for the “Manufacto – The Skills Factory” programme funded by Hermès and implemented by the French artisan training network, Compagnons du Devoir. Anaïs conveys her vision of her craft and hopes that young (and older) people take a fresh look at craftsmanship, at objects, their function, as well as their own consumer choices and environmental impacts.


Last year, she also sat on committees discussing “the Future of the Upholstery Industry” for the Compagnons du Devoir. The aim was to anticipate the changing needs and challenges to ensure the relevance of both the training provided by the Association and the sustainability of the trades. This is key to attracting young people to the craft industry and to tailoring training to make it relevant today and above all tomorrow. She regularly collaborates with a small number of other tradespeople at her workshop. They include young upholsterers and saddlers who come to work in her studio. The idea is to successfully complete projects together while continuing to pass on her technical expertise to them.



The Fondation Rémy Cointreau supports Anaïs Jarnoux by participating to the aquisition of raw materials and tools for her work. 


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