Discover our artisan of the month, Sandrine Raffin !

Episode 7 of our video-portraits series on the Fondation’s artisans leads us at 68 rue de Rome in Paris, inside Sandrine Raffin’s bow studio.

Sandrine started at the age of 15 at the Ecole Nationale de Lutherie in Mirecourt. She joined her father in the family-owned bow company where she worked during 17 years with him. She created her own company 14 years ago.

A bow maker is a very precise craft and its creation involved strict methodology. Sandrine likes to be a crossing point: bows have a long history and will continue in the future. Enriched by her experience, she restores beautiful bows and innovates with the creation of new models.

The Fondation Rémy Cointreau helped Sandrine Raffin to acquire a new machine to increase her production, while minimizing the waste of wood, resulting in one day of work gained per week.


For more information on Sandrine Raffin, click here.

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