The stone

Stone is a material present everywhere around us. It is an essential evidence that reminds us that this raw material, present for millennia, has been used and exploited since the invention of flint. It can be precious, fine, ornamental and often characterizes the landscapes that surround us, whether natural or architectural. The story begins more than 2.5 million years ago with the invention of tools and weapons. Then came the construction of shelters, houses, castles or religious places, but also sculptures and even writing materials. There are different types, each with its own characteristics and therefore its own purposes. There are as many different skills as there are types of stone: the stone cutter, the marble worker, the slate worker, etc.

This material does not lie, it is real, resistant, alive in our hands. Its age reveals, by its nature, the variety of its properties and the immensity of its capacity to transform itself. As a result, the associated crafts are closely linked to heritage and are today exploited in research and innovation. Despite this, this material and its know-how suffer from a priori. They are however authentic and likely to bring answers in various fields such as ecology, education or culture.

Worked, cut or sculpted, the stone requires strength. The whole body is put in motion. Handling it implies a lot of know-how. Its innovative nature widens the field of possibilities even more and multiplies the specialties associated with it. It is difficult to realize that the diamond cutter, the engraver or the lapidary can be part of all the associated know-how. The professionals are experts. They cut, carve, shape, lay, and are endowed with a great ability to visualize space in three dimensions, to draw, to sculpt and to compose. One does not suspect that a profession requiring so much strength and involving the body, requires a certain finesse and an unsuspected agility of mind.

Maxime Bellaunay

Maxime Bellaunay is a cabinetmaker of the territories. He uses and works with stone in an innovative way and with a deep respect for the material. He seeks out the material to reveal its cultural and territorial identity. His work consists in taking a little of this journey to others, by creating decorative objects mixing both stone and other materials. With his tools, he brings small pieces of magnified landscapes to his audience.